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The Brain Research through Analysis and Informatics of Neuroimaging (BRAIN) Lab’s research mainly focuses on the development of innovative computational methods and tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for processing and analyzing multimodal neuroimaging data for studying brain structure, function, and connectivity during development, aging and disorders in humans and non-human primates. We have created a comprehensive set of advanced cortical surface-based tools and atlases for pediatric and adult brain mapping, including brain extraction, segmentation, topology correction, cortical surface reconstruction, mapping, registration, parcellation, modeling, prediction, landmark extraction, measurement, atlas building and analysis. Our computational tools and discoveries on early brain development were highlighted in the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. We have strong interests in applying our computational tools to better understanding of the dysfunctions of neurodevelopmental, neuropsychiatric, and neurodegenerative disorders.