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A new version of iBEAT (Infant Brain Extraction and Analysis Toolbox) is now available online as iBEAT V2.0 Cloud (, which is developed with latest advanced techniques (including deep learning). iBEAT V2.0 Cloud can handle pediatric brain images from multiple sites with various scanners and protocols. Users can process brain structural images from birth through adolescence, including images during the first postnatal years, which typically exhibit low tissue contrast and dynamic appearance and size changes. All uploaded data will be securely managed in the iBEAT V2.0 web server and will not be distributed to public. The current functionality of iBEAT V2.0 Cloud includes: inhomogeneity correction, skull stripping, tissue segmentation, left/right hemisphere separation, topology correction, cortical surface reconstruction, cortical surface measurement, and cortical surface parcellation. (link)


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